Entity One

Entity one wholesale - 50 Units

At Entity One we pride ourself on diversity and going above and beyond. If you value your brand and clientele then take a look at what we can offer below. 
  • Fantastic gift or client reward
  • Retail opportunities RRP £5.99 (£2,995)
  • Great marketing/brand awareness.
  • Check out the brochure for visuals & ideas
  • Prices over 500 on application 
  • Point of sale for all including – Tables, Front desks, gifts, rewards even key cards and bill trays!
We listened to what the people wanted in terms of practicality and performance. An effective anti-bacterial hand sanitiser that has been tried and tested to clinically kill 99.9% of all bacteria.Step 2 was to leave the hands feeling nourished and moisturised and the final stage was to give the hands a long- lasting fragranced effect.
Sanitised | Moisturised | Fragranced
After successfully launching the products direct to retail customers in December 2020, building a growing monthly subscription platform and achieving great customer feedback across all of our network channels, we are now launching our wholesale business to grow our network and product reach.
Key Product Features:
Fine spray mist - no more gloopy gel sanitisersProtects from 99.9% of all bacteria and virus’Made with the finest essential oils to be kind and nourishing to most skin types Stunning scents, similar to fine perfume fragrancesLong lasting scent and protectionAmazing customer reviews and feedback


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